Monthly Rewards Calculator

Please note that the income estimate provided is just that – an estimate. It may vary based on factors such as the your working speed, the actual hours you work and the availability of assignments.

The average hourly rate that is used for this calculation, is updated daily. This rate is computed by dividing the total time spent by users in completing assignments by the total rewards distributed. Then we multiply this average hourly rate by 40 hours to get the rewards per week. Finally the rewards per week are multiplied by 52 weeks per year and divided by 12 months, which gives us the rewards per month.

For example if the average hourly rate is $21:
Weekly earnings: $21/hour × 40 hours/week = $840/week
Monthly earnings: $840/week × 52 weeks/year ÷ 12 months/year = $3,640/month.

To ensure accuracy, the first three assignments of each type that a user completes are not included in this calculation. This helps to mitigate the impact of the initial learning curve.

We use this data to periodically update reward amounts to approach the target hourly rate of $20 per hour.

Keep in mind that this calculation focuses solely on the time directly spent on task completion, excluding any preparation time or breaks.

Also please keep in mind that we're currently in Beta, where the number of users and the number of clients is very limited so even though this is based on real user data, the sample size is very small and rates will fluctuate a lot while we're in Beta.

Average rewards per month for full-time work