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Say goodbye to commuting and hello to great pay and freebies, all from the convenience of your own couch, perfect for anyone interested in Secret Shopper Positions or Mystery Shopper Vacancies.

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Our shoppers, including those in Mystery Audit Jobs, are the backbone of our success and let's just say, we're not stingy with the compensation. We're talking above-industry standard, baby!

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Score free swag just for sharing your thoughts when shopping for products as part of the Mystery Secret Shopper Jobs.

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How Silent Shopper Jobs Work

Ecommerce businesses want to make more money. To do so they need to know what their target market wants and needs.

Their customers just want to use the product they paid for and aren't interested in helping the business do better. So how do they get these insights?

This is where CandidShopper comes in. We find real shoppers who are interested in Mystery Shopper Jobs, who are happy to share their thoughts in exchange for a compensation.

We synthesize gathered insights from shoppers and give the businesses what they need to improve their products and service and make more money.

Everybone wins; businesses pay us, we pay our shoppers and the businesses make more money.

What does it take to become a mystery shopper at CandidShopper?

1. Based in the US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ  ✓
2. 18 years or older πŸ—“οΈ  ✓
3. Excellent observation skills πŸ‘€  ✓
4. Good communication skills πŸ’¬  ✓
5. Dedication to follow detailed instructions πŸŽ–οΈ  ✓
CandidShopper Mystery Auditor Jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

Mystery shopping is a tool used by market research companies, and sometimes even businesses themselves to measure the quality of service or compliance with regulations at a particular store or location. A mystery shopper, otherwise known as a secret shopper, poses as a regular customer and evaluates various aspects of the business like the sales staff's friendliness, helpfulness, the cleanliness of the store, or the accuracy of advertised prices. The shopper then provides detailed feedback on their experience, which can be used to improve customer service, identify issues, and train employees. It's like being a secret agent, but for shopping! CandidShopper's take on mystery shopping is a bit more of a hybrid model between traditional mystery shopping and other optimization tactics, but doesn't 'Mystery Shopping' sound much better than 'Optimization tactics'? #boring
Becoming a mystery shopper is a great way to earn some extra cash and have control over your schedule. You get to choose when and where you wanna work, and you can take on as many assignments as you want. Who doesn't love getting paid to shop and maybe even score some free stuff? It's a blast and it's easy money. Plus, you get to have a direct impact on improving ecommerce offers by giving your feedback to our clients. It's a total win-win situation! So, why not give it a shot and see if it's the right fit for you?
We're different from other mystery shopping companies in that we specialize in ecommerce, which means you can do your work from the comfort of your own home. We're also all about putting our shoppers first, treating you the way we'd want to be treated. And to sweeten the deal, we pay more than the industry average with a goal of $20/hr.
If you're interested in becoming one of our mystery shoppers, there are a few requirements you'll need to meet. First and foremost, you need to be located in the good ol' US of A and be at least 18 years young. Additionally, you should have sharp observation skills, the ability to follow instructions like a pro, and the communication skills of a diplomat. And once you've got all that covered, the next step is to apply. It's super easy, quick and won't take more than 10-15 minutes of your time, and the best part is, it's completely free! So, don't be shy, go ahead and apply now!
We are shopper centric, treat you how we'd want to be treated ourselves and we take individual privacy seriously. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.
After you submit your application, we'll take a look at it within 5 business days. That's right, just five! Then we'll reach out to you, whether it's to say congratulations, you're in, or unfortunately, not this time. But don't worry, either way, we'll let you know what's next.
You might, but if you're looking to become a mystery shopper just for that reason, you'll be disappointed. Mystery shopping is about providing valuable feedback to help businesses improve their offers. Occasionally you will be reimbursed for some purchases per the terms of the specific assignment, and the reimbursement will be fast. But your primary compensation is the reward for a completed approved assignment.
Nope, we don't believe in charging you to become one of our mystery shoppers here at CandidShopper. Reputable mystery shopping companies shouldn't charge you any membership fees, and you should be wary of any company that does. Some assignments may require you to buy something, but don't worry, these assignments generally come with a reimbursement and like inspector gadget; you can always choose whether to accept an assignment or not (however our messages won't self-destruct). So, don't be shy, become a shopper with us, it's free of charge!
Nope, no bossing around at CandidShopper. Take as many or as few assignments as you want, the choice is yours. And that goes both ways; we do our best but don't owe you a minimum as the number of available assignments depends on how many clients we have and what they need.
No, mystery shoppers are considered independent contractors who provide services on behalf of CandidShopper's clients. Once a mystery shopper completes and receives payment for an assignment, there are no further obligations between CandidShopper and the shopper, until another assignment is offered and accepted.
Convenient and soon. We're still filling in the gaps here.
Yes, you'll need to use Google Chrome and download, install and use our chrome extension which will guide you through the assignment process. This means that as of now you can't work from your phone as our browser extension doesn't work with mobile browsers.
No worries, but please note that you only get paid for a fully completed and approved assignment.
Sure! No hate or shade here. Competition keeps us on our toes and keeps us from getting complacent and lazy.
No. We use a browser extension for instructions on how to complete assignments, which isn't supported by mobile browsers.
As an independent contractor, mystery shoppers are responsible for reporting their own income.