CandidShopper Incident Response Plan

Effective as of: 26 Dec 2023

1. Team Structure and Roles

The CandidShopper incident response team comprises the Lead Developer and the CTO. The CTO coordinates the response, while the Lead Developer handles technical analysis and action.

2. Communication Protocols

Internal communication during an incident is facilitated through secure internal communication tools. The CTO is responsible for external communication with service providers, legal entities, and public relations, if needed.

3. Incident Detection and Initial Response

CandidShopper employs monitoring systems for early detection of incidents, with immediate notification protocols via internal communication channels.

4. Incident Documentation

Incident documentation, handled by the CTO, is stored on CandidShopper's designated platform, accessible to key team members for review and action.

5. Training and Preparedness

Annual incident response drills and ongoing training ensure that CandidShopper's team is prepared and up-to-date with the latest practices in incident response.

6. Post-Incident Analysis

Following an incident, a thorough review is conducted to assess the response and identify improvement areas. The incident response plan is updated accordingly.

7. Backup and Recovery

A routine for daily backups is maintained to ensure data integrity and availability in case of an incident.

8. Future Considerations

CandidShopper is committed to continuously improving its incident response capabilities, including potential team expansion and enhanced monitoring tools.

9. Compliance and Regulation

While there are currently no specific regulatory compliance requirements, CandidShopper remains vigilant and prepared to adapt to future data security and privacy obligations.

10. Contact Information

For inquiries related to this Incident Response Plan, please contact the CandidShopper team at